Carry On luggage


For my current trip I’m lucky enough to have large checked luggage and because of that I don’t have the need to carry things like clothes and such in my carry on so I simple have my essential for carry on. The bag I am using is from Colette it is large enough to fit everything I need, I’m a huge fan of the gold detailing on this bag.

eye mask: my flight time is around 5 hours and very early morning , I’m sure I will have a short little nap.

Book-Sharp objects, if I’m not sleeping then I will need some entertainment

Medication: it’s always a good idea to keep your medication on you instead of in your checked luggage just in case it take times to get your luggage, and also taking some panadol is useful in case you get a headache during the flight.

Wallet and ID: if you are flying overseas don’t forget your passport( I’m just travelling within Australia, so no need).

Phone and charger (also a pair of headphones)


Watch: I keep this in carry on just because it is valuable, and just feel more comfortable having it with me then in checked.

Face wipes: in case I want to freshen up, also useful if you accidental touch something unpleasant in the airport or on the plane.

Make up

MAC pink pearl pop

Covergirl creme

Wake me up concealer

I also have an umbrella, going to the tropics it could be needed once landed, and spare change of clothes and underwear in case something was to happen to my checked luggage.

This is the last post in my travel series; please check out my pervious blog post if you haven’t already.



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