Good Genes

The Good Genes treatment by Sunday Riley is a very pricey and indulgent skin care item, so I wanted to give it a proper use before reviewing it. The bottle is 30ml which lasted me around 3 months, using it most days.

My skin is on the more dry side, it has some redness, and some large pores and sometimes clogged pores around my chin and forehead( leaving me with small little bumps under my skin) , otherwise it is generally quite clear looking as I rarely get pimples and I do not have acne.

When using the Good Genes I did find I had less clogged pores and didn’t have as much little bumps on my chin. I also found after using it is did slightly help with redness.  It did take over a week of using the product to personally see a difference in my skin.

But a couple weeks when I stopped using it I could see a difference in my skin as it didn’t look as healthy or as smooth and flawless as when I was using this product. From using good genes I was able to tell it did something for my skin, but it wasn’t completely changing, it helped but it hard to say if it helped enough to justify the price. Possibly if you have more troubled skin this may be a good solution

This product has a unique scent, of herbal floral, it last around a while once you applied it also, personally wasn’t a huge fan of the smell, but my boyfriend really enjoyed the scent so it all personal taste.

I did also get my boyfriend to try this product out for a few weeks, to see how it worked on different skin types, he has some scaring from acne spots, and good genes did help to clear the scaring faster than without the product by a few days compared to usual for him. So if you have scaring from pimples or acne then this could be a good product for you.


Would I repurchase: maybe, it was a lovely product and I did think it helped my skin, but with a price of $142 I’m not rushing to buy it just because it is so much money to part with.  If it was more affordable I would be buying another one straight away.

If possible I would suggest getting a sample from Mecca in Australia, usually you can get a sample that will last 4-7days that way you can test it for yourself before purchasing.

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