Today I will being doing a complete review on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette, this product is limited edition, but you may still be able to find it in stores if you are lucky. Otherwise I’m going to review each individual powder, so even if you can no longer buy this particular palette you can find the shades sold separately or in other palette by hourglass.

The hour glass ambient lighting comes with 6 powders , 3 highlighters, 2 blushes and 1 bronzer. Being in a set like this is great for travelling as you have all your face powders together, it also comes with a large mirror, which is also great for travelling. The packaging of this product is the same to other Hourglass powders, it is solid, feels like it actually protect the products inside, it looks beautiful and feels high-end.

Diffused light : This is a yellow toned, highlighting shade. Being yellow toned it great for setting the under eye area. When using it slightly lighten and brighten the under eye making you look more awake. Having a setting powder in the palette also means it’s a complete all in one face powder set.

Iridescent light:  Of the three highlighting shades, this is my most used. this is lovely for the tops of the check bones, it doesn’t look over done or too fake just the most beautiful highlight shade.

Dim light: I often don’t use this shade, it still beautiful highlight, but isn’t as strong of a highlight as iridescent (personally I love highlighted checkbones), I sometimes use this mixed in with iridescent light.

Luminous bronze light: this is my most used of the palette, it great for making your skin looked tanned and to just warm your face. I wouldn’t say it so much of a contouring shade, like there are a lot of better bronzer is you want a real strong contour, but a little under your check bones can still give your face a little shape to it.  As personally I love a light contour (but not a fan of a heavy one) I find this bronzer amazing.

Luminous flush: this is a light pink flush to your checks, a little goes a long way though so a light hand is needed. This shade is perfect for spring; summer looks as it looks fresh and youthful on the skin.

Mood  exposure: this is a deeper more purple toned, originally when I got the palette I thought I wouldn’t use this blush however I tend to use it a lot with evening looks as it doesn’t draw as much attention to the checks as luminous flush , think it will be great in the winter time.

Overall this was an expensive product at $117, if you don’t have the money it is not a must have, and

for a cheaper alternative check out my Tanya Burr reviewrosy flush .  However with saying that it my favourite in my makeup collection it looks amazing on the skin and the products are really worth the money so if you have it and want to splurge then the hourglass powders are defiantly the way to go.

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