Daily moisturisers

I know it’s been a little since I wrote my last blog post and to get myself back into it I will be sharing the daily moisturisers I use.

Simple Kind to Skin, originally when I first started using this moisturiser I loved it , it felt nice on the skin, it a light moisturiser so it most likely would suite oily skin types. However with the change in season, my skin started to become more dry, and I started to use the Physiogel moisturiser. Honestly since I started using the Physiogel, which is thicker , gives more moister and helps more with my dry skin , any time I go back to the Simple it just doesn’t do much for my skin at all, I find I have to use a lot of the product for my skin to feel soft and moisturised. I will continue to use the Physiogel Daily moisture therapy in the future, its my favourite daily moisturiser I have used.

both are available from Priceline.