Relaxation Through Colouring In

pattern colouring in book

I know these a very popular at the moment and you may have already heard and tried the adult colouring in books but I thought I would talk about them today anyway. For the past two months I have enjoyed spending 20 min or so just doing some colouring. It very relaxing and good for taking a break from day to day stresses. Even if you don’t think you will be into give it a try, great way to also have a chat with a friend and yet both be doing something with your hands to stay entertained.

completed picture

Daily moisturisers

I know it’s been a little since I wrote my last blog post and to get myself back into it I will be sharing the daily moisturisers I use.

Simple Kind to Skin, originally when I first started using this moisturiser I loved it , it felt nice on the skin, it a light moisturiser so it most likely would suite oily skin types. However with the change in season, my skin started to become more dry, and I started to use the Physiogel moisturiser. Honestly since I started using the Physiogel, which is thicker , gives more moister and helps more with my dry skin , any time I go back to the Simple it just doesn’t do much for my skin at all, I find I have to use a lot of the product for my skin to feel soft and moisturised. I will continue to use the Physiogel Daily moisture therapy in the future, its my favourite daily moisturiser I have used.

both are available from Priceline.


Today I will being doing a complete review on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette, this product is limited edition, but you may still be able to find it in stores if you are lucky. Otherwise I’m going to review each individual powder, so even if you can no longer buy this particular palette you can find the shades sold separately or in other palette by hourglass.

The hour glass ambient lighting comes with 6 powders , 3 highlighters, 2 blushes and 1 bronzer. Being in a set like this is great for travelling as you have all your face powders together, it also comes with a large mirror, which is also great for travelling. The packaging of this product is the same to other Hourglass powders, it is solid, feels like it actually protect the products inside, it looks beautiful and feels high-end.

Diffused light : This is a yellow toned, highlighting shade. Being yellow toned it great for setting the under eye area. When using it slightly lighten and brighten the under eye making you look more awake. Having a setting powder in the palette also means it’s a complete all in one face powder set.

Iridescent light:  Of the three highlighting shades, this is my most used. this is lovely for the tops of the check bones, it doesn’t look over done or too fake just the most beautiful highlight shade.

Dim light: I often don’t use this shade, it still beautiful highlight, but isn’t as strong of a highlight as iridescent (personally I love highlighted checkbones), I sometimes use this mixed in with iridescent light.

Luminous bronze light: this is my most used of the palette, it great for making your skin looked tanned and to just warm your face. I wouldn’t say it so much of a contouring shade, like there are a lot of better bronzer is you want a real strong contour, but a little under your check bones can still give your face a little shape to it.  As personally I love a light contour (but not a fan of a heavy one) I find this bronzer amazing.

Luminous flush: this is a light pink flush to your checks, a little goes a long way though so a light hand is needed. This shade is perfect for spring; summer looks as it looks fresh and youthful on the skin.

Mood  exposure: this is a deeper more purple toned, originally when I got the palette I thought I wouldn’t use this blush however I tend to use it a lot with evening looks as it doesn’t draw as much attention to the checks as luminous flush , think it will be great in the winter time.

Overall this was an expensive product at $117, if you don’t have the money it is not a must have, and

for a cheaper alternative check out my Tanya Burr reviewrosy flush .  However with saying that it my favourite in my makeup collection it looks amazing on the skin and the products are really worth the money so if you have it and want to splurge then the hourglass powders are defiantly the way to go.

Makeup travel bag


For part two, of my travelling series I’m going through the different products i have in my checked luggage make-up bag. 

Baby skin instant pore eraser

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24h Foundation: the reason I choose this foundation is it long lasting , as when I’m on holiday I have long days from early morning to evening.

Loreal stay matte in silky beige 005

Tanya Burr Rosy Flush Palette: having a bronzer, blush and highlighter this palette is great for travelling.

Hourglass ambient edit: this does do the same thing as the Tanya burr palette, but I do have a special occasion one of the nights while I am away where I want to use the hourglass palette, however it was expensive so for the day time, and other times during my stay I will be reaching for the more affordable Tanya Burr palette.Kat Von D ink liner, in tropper(black) and Beaudeline( navy blue)

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in barely brandedStilla eyes are the window shadow palette: choose this one because it has light neutral shades, to use with a bold lip, and also dark purple shades for evening looks.

NYX sex bomb: has 6 shades, nice silm packaging for travelling , and great drug store product for day time use.

Estee lauder sumptuous extreme mascara

Maybelline brow drama in medium brown

I have 6 lip colours which I am taking with me, to decide which lip colours I wanted to take, I organize all the lip colours I had into categories of nudes, pinks and reds. From each of the categories I picked 1 or 2 shades I wanted to take with me. Two of these shades will not be going in my checked luggage, but in my carry on (  so stay tuned to that blog post coming soon )

Topshop (shade unknown) it is a bright red

Essence barely there 06

Tanya Burr Afternoon Tea

Savvy lip stain in watermelon

in carry on 

MAC pink pearl pop

Covergirl creme

I am also taking 5 brushes with me which includeMAC 128 – using for foundation

Nars kabuki brush yachiyo- used for face powders mecca

MAC 228-eyes

Real techniques shading brush- blending for eyes

 Revlon- pointed eye brush 

please leave a comment below letting me know what you take with you.

Carry On luggage


For my current trip I’m lucky enough to have large checked luggage and because of that I don’t have the need to carry things like clothes and such in my carry on so I simple have my essential for carry on. The bag I am using is from Colette it is large enough to fit everything I need, I’m a huge fan of the gold detailing on this bag.

eye mask: my flight time is around 5 hours and very early morning , I’m sure I will have a short little nap.

Book-Sharp objects, if I’m not sleeping then I will need some entertainment

Medication: it’s always a good idea to keep your medication on you instead of in your checked luggage just in case it take times to get your luggage, and also taking some panadol is useful in case you get a headache during the flight.

Wallet and ID: if you are flying overseas don’t forget your passport( I’m just travelling within Australia, so no need).

Phone and charger (also a pair of headphones)


Watch: I keep this in carry on just because it is valuable, and just feel more comfortable having it with me then in checked.

Face wipes: in case I want to freshen up, also useful if you accidental touch something unpleasant in the airport or on the plane.

Make up

MAC pink pearl pop

Covergirl creme

Wake me up concealer

I also have an umbrella, going to the tropics it could be needed once landed, and spare change of clothes and underwear in case something was to happen to my checked luggage.

This is the last post in my travel series; please check out my pervious blog post if you haven’t already.



Good Genes

The Good Genes treatment by Sunday Riley is a very pricey and indulgent skin care item, so I wanted to give it a proper use before reviewing it. The bottle is 30ml which lasted me around 3 months, using it most days.

My skin is on the more dry side, it has some redness, and some large pores and sometimes clogged pores around my chin and forehead( leaving me with small little bumps under my skin) , otherwise it is generally quite clear looking as I rarely get pimples and I do not have acne.

When using the Good Genes I did find I had less clogged pores and didn’t have as much little bumps on my chin. I also found after using it is did slightly help with redness.  It did take over a week of using the product to personally see a difference in my skin.

But a couple weeks when I stopped using it I could see a difference in my skin as it didn’t look as healthy or as smooth and flawless as when I was using this product. From using good genes I was able to tell it did something for my skin, but it wasn’t completely changing, it helped but it hard to say if it helped enough to justify the price. Possibly if you have more troubled skin this may be a good solution

This product has a unique scent, of herbal floral, it last around a while once you applied it also, personally wasn’t a huge fan of the smell, but my boyfriend really enjoyed the scent so it all personal taste.

I did also get my boyfriend to try this product out for a few weeks, to see how it worked on different skin types, he has some scaring from acne spots, and good genes did help to clear the scaring faster than without the product by a few days compared to usual for him. So if you have scaring from pimples or acne then this could be a good product for you.


Would I repurchase: maybe, it was a lovely product and I did think it helped my skin, but with a price of $142 I’m not rushing to buy it just because it is so much money to part with.  If it was more affordable I would be buying another one straight away.

If possible I would suggest getting a sample from Mecca in Australia, usually you can get a sample that will last 4-7days that way you can test it for yourself before purchasing.